Gambar Nyamuk Malaria Betina dan Jentik/ Female Anopeles

Ada beberapa spesies ikan tertentu yang bisa dimanfaatkan sebagai pembasmi jentik nyamuk. Salah satunya, ikan "antinyamuk" Gambusia affinis, ikan cere atau gambusia itu juga berpotensi sebagai pengendali nyamuk demam berdarah.

Everywhere mosquitoes were always naughty and annoying. Indonesian mosquitoes or America were just the same. Whether doll house mosquitoes or schooling mosquitoes. That was sleepy was forced by him scratched. Moreover, there were those who could make his bite casualties be hunched up in the hospital because of being attacked by the illness. In our place these insects were frightened because of there are those that became the disseminator's vector of malaria, dengue fever, chikungu him, and filariasis (foot the elephant). His aggression was so cruel until the movement 3M (drained, buried, and closed) could not stop him. Until the Department of the Health must increase the movement 3M to 3M plus. Plus him sorts. Mosquitoes babon was chased with the smoke and was warded off with gauze. Whereas doll mosquitoes were eradicated during still take the form of pinched-pinched. The eradication pinches mosquitoes usually was carried out by means of chemical used the powder abate, or with the biological method by making use of the eater's fish pinched. The fish kind that was normal for that then sorts, including the fish family cupang, the fish gapi (Poecilia reticulata), the head fish of tin (Aplocheilus panchax), and the fish cere or gambusia (Gambusia affinis)