Contoh Artikel Dan Makalah Tentang Gambar nyamuk aedes aegypti Penyebab Penyakit Demam berdarah

Nyamuk Aedes Aegypti adalah Penyebar Penyakit DB.Mosquitoes aedes this lived and bred to places of the clean water reception that was not directly in contact with the land like: the bath/the toilet, the drink of birds, water tempayan/gentong, tin and the second-hand tyre. The development of the life of these mosquitoes from the egg to mature needed time around 10-12 days. Only biting female mosquitoes and sucked blood as well as chose human blood to cook his egg, male mosquitoes lived from the main point of the plants flower. The capacity to fly revolved between 40-100 metre from his breeding place. The place of the rest that was liked by him was objects that depended available in the house, like gordyn, the mosquito net, clothes/clothes in the dark and humid room.