Jam Tangan Teiwe has African Diamond

Diamond grains 12, as a function of time. Weight is 0.15 carat and also have a 0.8 carat.
In addition diperindah by the shine off diamonds, watches Teiwe Switzerland, the ceramic material made from fine, strong, anti scratch, anti-rust and anti-heat. Also anti-allergic, so it does not cause irritation on the skin.
Not only that, watch glass frames made from anti-scratch sapphire crystal. Clockwork machine-quartz high-quality and durable. Every purchase of this watch will be able to guarantee.
Consumers who purchase Teiwe Swiss watches, can also directly bring home one pen and a set of exclusive narumi cup. "For the price, watches and Rp4.399.000 cewek cowok Rp4.099.000,". Ceramic is Teiwe Diamond watches for men and women, with a dynamic, stylish and luxurious. Keeping track of trends and fashion at this time. Can be used for any occasion and also increase the collection. Suitable for those of you who have sensitive skin allergy
Features - feature Teiwe Diamond Ceramic:
1. Framework and chain strap watches use materials made of fine ceramic with the same material that is used when the astronauts to explore space because the ceramic material is not affected by temperature changes in the surrounding areas.
2. Ceramic material made by using high temperature around 1450 ˚ C, so power is very strong tahannya used at a temperature of hot and cold air. ceramic yield a strong, anti scratch, anti-rust, anti-heat.
3. Ceramic material feels smooth and soft in the hand so it does not cause a reaction on the skin.
4. Bookmarks time decorated with 12 genuine diamond grains from South Africa that has a validity of the certificate that guarantees the authenticity of each grain berliannya.
5. Diamonds that are used in the levels of color, including G.
6. Diamond to have a large rust of 0:18 CT, and the size of a small diamond to have rust of 0:15 CT.
7. Available size options watches large and small. To measure the diameter of 40 mm and the size of the small diameter 35 mm.
8. Available color choices of black and white.
9. Watch glass made of sapphire crystal with anti scratch is the best quality.
10. Clockwork machine-quartz high-quality and durable.
11. Interior watches made with two-layer plate and the top down, which is carved boxes as a second date and a bookmark.
12. Chain watches also use the butterfly lock that can only be opened by pressing the second wing lock.
13. The key clockwise to the system made 2 times a key draw at the same time working hours to protect the hands from possible water accidentally.
14. To ensure quality and authenticity, along with the warranty certificate Swiss brand.
Warranty: 1 year
There are small, with a price: Rp. 4,399,000, --
Price Java, Bali, Lampung: Rp. 4,899,000, --

Gambar Jam Tangan Teiwe has African Diamond