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Quarter of the age of Plistosen and kala Kala Holosen.
Kala Plistosen began around 1.8 million years ago and ended 10,000 years ago. Followed by Kala Holosen which lasted until now.
Kala Plistosen at least 5 times going ice age (age glasial). At the time glasial most of Europe, north America and northern Asia is covered with ice, as well as Alpen Mountain, Mountain Cherpatia and the Himalaya Mountains
Between 4 Ice Age there are times Intra Glasial, where the earth's climate is warm.
Jawa ancient human (Homo erectus, which was called Pithecanthropus erectus) appeared on the Kala Plistosen. Modern human civilization has a new show at the Kala Holosen.
ligning the data presented Demography of UI, and the statement of the Minister of Health Siti Fadilah Supari beginning this weekend, big challenges beckon, and even worries about the quality of Indonesian human.

Controlling the growth of the number of births, one of the goals of the program Family Planning Coordinating Board, and to prevent rapidly growing number of people with blindness, a program that needs immediate handling.

Even when Indonesia threatened world food crisis, the number of people should become a factor that is very relevant. When there is growing each year 210,000 people go blind, the handling of health issues including crucial. The quality of the nation is on edge destruction.