Foto seksi Nikita Wily Tidak Bugil Dan Tidak Telanjang

Who suspected that the animal was considered selucu monster cat by a young artist, Nikita Willy. He was afraid that the animals are often used to drive the mouse.

Nikita fear of the cat since already small. Virgin birth 29 June 1994 it looked as her cat animals horrific as the lion or tiger.

"I fear a cat since birth, because I am a monster like him. I'm not from a small close with a cat once," the story of Nikita at the location suting Persari, South Jakarta.

Asked further problem with the fear of a cat, Nikita is told hold. According to the opponents play in sinetron Evan Sanders' dime novel 'that cat's eyes are creepy. Isn'T holding menatapnya Nikita not only brave.

Nikita Willy is very prety, she is has been play in the drama sinetron In the tv