Foto seksi Indra L.Brugman di gosip dengan Ryan tidak bugil dan Tidak telanjang dan Bagaimana Video download di Rapidshare ?

Again, the artist becomes the victim of computer technology. Bunga Citra Lestari Once, Happy Salma and Rahma Azhari, this time overwrite artist Indra L. Bruggman.

Men born in Tasikmalaya, May 8, 1981, the dikabarkan have an type of marriage with fellow Bertrand Antolin, in the Netherlands, some time ago. Not only that, the two images intimate human diversiform same sex, the wide circulation in the virtual world. When it was confirmed to Indra, the former lovers Dhini Aminarti with the firm menampiknya.

"Photo is not true. It is the engineering of someone who is not responsible. In fact, the image is what I do smth with me that are in the midst of me and Betrand. But, the picture of my friend is in-cropping (crop, Red) so that seems to me only with Betrand, "strictly male owner full name Indra Lesmana Bruggman that, not this old.

Feel his name has been stained, children from 2 to 4 pairs of brothers and Yohana Mimi is ask for help telecommunications expert, Roy Suryo to prove the authenticity of the picture. "I feel wronged Jujur with images of engineering. So, I immediately contact Roy Suryo to know whether the image is genuine or not. In fact, the image is made, not the actual image," he said.

Meanwhile, Roy Suryo found in one event at a hotel dibilangan Thamrin, Central Jakarta, to provide responses concerning intimate images between Indra Bruggman and Bertrand Antolin. "When I examine carefully, if the correct image is Betrand Indra and engineering. In fact, the image is there, but with the sophistication of technology, the image seemed as if made Indra and Betrand are posing both. In fact, in the original image, the image they smth with other.
So we can download in Rapidshare bokep.