Contoh Gambar Amuba dan artikel tentang amoeba

Including amoeba in filum class Rhizopoda on Protozoa. In general dapt described protozoa that is derived from the Greek, the protos meaning first and zoon meaning animal. So, Protozoa are animal pertam. Protozoa body is very simple, which is consisted of a single cell (unisel). However, there is a system of Protozoa self can. All tasks can be done by the body of one cell only without the overlap. Ukuaran body conduction 3-1000 mikron.Bentuk body kind of like a ball, rounded aft, such as sandals or even the shape does not have a fixed income. Also there have fligel or bersilia. Protozoa live in water or wet places. Protozoa live in soliter or form colonies. Protozoa in the water ecosystem is zooplankton. Permukan body Protozoadibayangi by membransel a thin, elastic, permeable, which is composed of lipoprotein, so easy to shape change. Some protozoa have outside the framework of (cangkok) of gravel and limestone substance. When environmental conditions place suddenly became ugly, Protozoa cyst form. And become active again. Organel located inside the cell, among others, Nucleus, golgi bodies, mikrokondria, plastida, and vakluola. Nutrition various protozoa. There is holozoik (heterotrof), which will include other organisms,. There is also a holofilik (autotrof), which can mensintesis own food from organic substances and with the help klorofit light. In addition there is a saprofitik, the use of organic material remaining organisms that have died adapula a parasitik. When protozoa compared with plants unisel, there are many differences but there persamaannya. This may be protozoa meriupakan form of the transition from the form of plant cells to form cells in the animal evolution.