Berita Foto dan Video bugil Dan Telanjang dada Sarah Ashari dan Rahma azhari adik Ayu Azhari

The "loss that was experienced by many, explained the good reputation loss, embarrassed, the psychological burden, because this also menganggu my health," said Sarah Azhari when being met with his legal counsel, Farhat Abbas, after being checked in Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police, the afternoon. Not only himself who felt shameful, the family and his child must also feel him. Sarah was not finished thought there is sides that had the heart to spread these photographs. Sarah was checked as the witness for 4 hours more in Dit Criminal Investigation Squad Umum Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police. Sarah was bullied by police concerning when and how these photographs were taken. At least had 12 questions that were put forward to him. However the mother of one child reluctantly detailed results of the inspection.
This inspection was continuation of pelaporan Sarah against Roy Suryo to the Republic of Indonesia State Police Headquarters last January 15 2009. Roy was reported because of being regarded as speaking the matter of the photographs without having the authority of the clear law.
Rahma and sarah Azhary are the young models. They are is very pretty. They are the artist of Indo.
Sarah Azhari again filled the related police call the circulation of photographs syur himself with the brother, Rahma Azhari, in the world maya some time before. The Azhari family always became the reporting magnet. Not only very much, but repeatedly the photograph the section's artist was widespread in the world maya. It was related that this matter of Sarah that was accompanied by his legal counsel, Farhat Abas, filled the police call on Thursday